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Noble Burgundy

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Phara Breeding
Burgundy Sun x Nobleena by NW Noble Venture

1997 - 2021

Frozen Semen Available

First colt of the magnificent and legendary Burgundy Sun. He arrived at Oak Run Farm in 2007 and became the first foundation stallion of Burgundy Arabian Stud.


I remember the night he arrived as if yesterday. The hauling trailer was so large it could not travel down our little country lane so I had to meet him at the road to bring him into the barn. I recall how I could only see the tips of his ears over the trailer divider as the Percheron he had traveled with clearly took up the majority of space. I couldn’t believe how calm he was even after traveling more than 2000 miles in three days. He simply walked off that huge trailer into my bumper pull trailer trusting every move we made. It was love at first site.


The night was dark despite the well-lit barn that beaconed us. Noble walked in as if he had been there a thousand lifetimes. He was confident, comfortable, and safe, he stayed there for the next three months while periodically venturing out to his green paddock pasture. He was home!


Noble lived up to every bit of his name. And, somehow, he managed to keep everyone else in the herd in line too. All he had to do was neigh from afar and the others stopped whatever it was they were “not” supposed to be doing as he called to the scene of potential trouble. All the other horses knew he was in charge. And, he made sure that I too knew where every horse on the place at any given time. He was in fact, was one of the best barn managers I ever had!


Noble was gorgeous, kind, and above all, he was an honest horse. He actually loved the cows next door and enjoyed riding in a western saddle. He truly looked like he was right out of the old Hollywood western film when he was under saddle. He was every bit of the dream horse I had envisioned as a young cowgirl. In fact, he had never met a cowboy or cowgirl in these parts that did not think he was a quarter horse because of his powerful hindquarters. They simply could not believe he was 100 percent Arabian with his perfect balanced conformation, athleticism, and love for ranch work, all topped with a beautiful classic Arabian head and dark molasses colored eyes. In Quarter Horse country, there could be no a higher of compliment than to hear them say,  “that’s not an Arabian!” lol.


The powerhouse hindquarter and balanced conformation continues to be passed down through the bloodlines of Burgundy Arabian Stud, making our horses the exquisite combination of Phara Farm most classic Arabian beauty and the Bedouin endurance desert horse. In other words, they have it all…Beauty, Power, Stamina, Personality, and more… centuries of the highest quality foundation Arabian blood running through their veins and into the heart of everyone they meet.  



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