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Maar Mara

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Foundation Breeding
Zarife El Mansour x Sunnyru Maaroufa by Princeton Faaris

Our beautiful black Egyptian mare, Maar Mara is a granddaughter of the legendary Princeton Faaris. She is truly incredible beyond description. I believe her breeding reflects what the Bedouin desert tribes sought in a War Mare. She does not call out like every other mare - she greets you with a whisper of a knicker. She is quiet even if she is anxious. She is telepathic with her thoughts. She knows what you need without ever having to ask. I want to say she is not of this world - not in the realm of horses as we know them.


Maar Mara seems to float between the conscious mind and subconscious. In a word, I would describe her as dreamy. Our goal is for her to contribute to our Burgundy Arabian Stud for future outcrossing as well as preservation breeding within her own family of bloodlines.


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