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Burgundys Rising Star

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Phara Breeding
Noble Burgundy x DRA Burgundy Rose by Burgundy Sun

The daughter of the great DRA Burgundy Rose, Star carries the blood and linage of multiple champions. She truly shines as our foundation brood mare. The dam of Burgundys ReigningSun (a true nick of Burgundy Sun and Star), she is a mare that Annette was able to meet personally at her Phara Farm when we bred her to Burgundy Sun. It was of the highest compliment to Star when Annette recognized and acknowledged Star as a “very nice mare.” 


I say this because Annette would always comment on how she loved “her boys” and would exclaim how she never really understood why everyone always made a fuss over having fillies… She personally preferred "the boys." As “the girls” seemed to be too much trouble, “the boys” were simple in comparison. In her mind, “the boys” could be bred all year round where the girls took so much time… I thought back then, “well, she does have a point.” However, I am sure today Annette would agree that with our current reproductive AI science allowing us to save time, we put more foals on the ground per mare, per year. 


But, back then, for Annette to say my mare was “nice” it was perceived as the highest compliment she could muster for “the girl”… And, the fact that she said it again and again after Reign’s birth, meant she truly did see what an amazing broodmare Star is. We look forward to having another Burgundy Sun and Burgundy’s Rising Star foal in 2024.



Achievement Pedigree

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Ancestor Photos

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