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More than 20 years


Preserving the Phara Bloodlines

Concentration of

Burgundy Sun Blood


Our stallion Noble Burgundy is sired by Burgundy Sun, out of the mare Nobleena. Nobleena is out of the mare BGM Sabrina, who, when bred to Burgundy Sun produced Phara Farm's Miss Burgundy Sun and two of Oak Run Farm's foundation horses - the mare DRA Burgundy Rose (dam to Golden Ecstasy) and the stallion Wings of Gold.

Following in the Phara breeding tradition, we bred DRA Burgundy Rose to Noble Burgundy. The result was our treasured mare Burgundys Rising Star.

1x Burgundy Sun

50% Burgundy Sun blood


Our mare Burgundys Rising Star is double Burgundy Sun. She is sired by our Noble Burgundy and out of the incredible-producing Burgundy Sun daughter DRA Burgundy Rose.

We bred Burgundys Rising Star back to her grandsire for a triple Burgundy Sun foal. This cross produced our young stallion Burgundys Reigning Sun. Reign, like his sire and dam, is black liver chestnut with the contrasting lighter chestnut mane and tail. He encompasses the type, structure, and temperament the Phara horses are famous for.

2x Burgundy Sun

50% Burgundy Sun blood


Our young and upcoming stallion Burgundys ReigningSun is triple Burgundy Sun, representing seven generations of Phara breeding. A star in the making!


Foaled in 2016, Reign is maturing into a horse dreams are made of. In addition to his arresting head with huge eyes and the trademark Phara jibbah, he has clean straight legs, beautiful, correct structure and substance of bone. One of Reign's strongest attributes is his large, powerful hindquarter. To us, Reign is the epitome of the classic Arabian.

3x Burgundy Sun

75% Burgundy Sun blood

Burgundy Sun Concentratioon


Breeders of the  Phara Bloodline

for More Than 20 Years!


Stallions At Stud

Burgundy Arabian Stud will be offering our stallions for breeding via live cover or cooled shipped semen in 2023.


Mares For Breeding Lease

Burgundy Arabian Stud will occasionally offer one of our mares for breeding lease. The mare will remain at our facility for the duration of the lease.

Our Mission

To preserve the blood of ancient Arabian desert horse breeding that has stood the test of time and through thousands of years. This will be accomplished through the concentration of Burgundy Arabian Stud and Phara Farm / Burgundy Sun bloodlines. Our focus is on collecting, analyzing, storing, and reproducing this particular phenotype of Arabian horse bloodlines for the next centuries and future generations to come.

Our Mission


From Other  Phara Breeders

Gloria Bowman

Phara Preservation Breeder

“Phara horses are the

most artistically beautiful

in the world; as though

they just walked out of

a Schreyer painting.”

Annette Weber

Founder of Phara Farm

“Lewisfield Sun God was classic with the most extreme head we had ever seen with overall structure reminiscent of the early

G.B.E. trophy model. If we

breed horses with his look, there will always be

a market for that.”

Gaye Myers

Lewisfield/Phara Preservation Breeder

“The Phara horses were,

and still are, the most breathtaking horses

I have ever seen.”

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